Illinois property taxes are the highest in the nation.

In Illinois, you don't own your home. You rent it from the government. Your home is used by politicians as collateral for the guaranteed seven-figure pensions they have promised their allies who work for state and local government.

Confiscatory property taxes eat away at your home equity every day. You cannot get a positive return on the investment you made in your home when you are paying as much as six times the national average in property taxes as a percentage of home value. No one in Illinois is spared.

It's very simple: either you take your back or the government will take it from you.

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/ The Problem /

There are many paid government press agents advocating the raising of property taxes, increasing government spending and debt.

This explains how Illinois’ property tax problem grew so massive, and largely without resistance. The resistance wasn’t organized. Property taxpayers have had no press agent. Until now.

The Save Your Home organization arm homeowners themselves with the information they need to fight back in their own communities, counteracting the self-serving propaganda advanced by special interests who benefit from Illinois’ confiscatory property tax system.

/ The Solution /

1% Hard Cap
(as percentage of home value)

Families like yours are being priced out of their homes by unfair and unaffordable property taxes.

Illinois needs simple property tax caps like Indiana, California, and many other states to protect our homeowners and end the unaffordable property tax burden that is crushing families.