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Scott L. in Inverness: paid $410K in property taxes over ten years, will lose $1M+ on sale

He is currently listing the home for sale for $2.649 million, or nearly one million less than he paid for it ten years ago.

Brian J. in Barrington Hills: lost $2 million in home equity, paid $608K in property taxes over 17 years

Over 17 years of ownership, they lost more than $2 million on it, adjusted for inflation.

Marcus J. in Bartlett: lost $423K in equity in ten years

All told, they paid about $205,000 in property taxes over a dozen years of Bartlett home ownership, or 41 percent of their sale price.

Illinois: Raise Property Taxes During the Recession

Home values decrease while property taxes increase. That's Illinois.

Hear from Mike S. and Russel O. about their Illinois property taxes

Mike S. and Russel O. comment on their exorbitant property taxes.